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Tips Domain Search and Change

Mengganti domain? Kenapa tidak, terutama saat domain anda masuk ke google sandbox saya sarankan untuk mengganti domain anda. Apakah itu Google Sandbox ? anda bisa lihat pada artikel SEO Google Sandbox. Diartikel tersebut telah di jelaskan pengertian sandbox, penyebab dan cara keluarnya, tetapi jika web anda positif terkena sandbox saya sarankan untuk mengganti nama domaian. Hanya saja… Read More »

How to Submit Website to

  How to Submit Website to – Alexa is a site where you can find out the rank of your blog or website, you can even see your web ranking by comparing the own country or any other country or globally. We think alexa is urgently needed in order for your web visitors also know… Read More »

How to Download Fb Video

Who is not familiar with Facebook, one of the largest social networks in the world. By using facebook, you can find new friends, upload photos, upload videos, and so on. Facebook is one of the most in social networks very fond in society, though it is young children, adolescents, and adults. Recently facebook has just added… Read More »